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7 Books Every Business Mentor Should Read


May 16, 2020

Business mentoring is a vital part of the business support landscape. It spearheads growth, helps overcome day to day challenges and provides a sounding board of support and guidance.  

As business mentors, it is our responsibility to provide our mentees with professional guidance and support, using empathy and our own practical experiences along the way. Continuous professional development is a key part of our being a professional business mentor and we are delighted to recommend to you seven books to support your development.  

Whether you're a seasoned business mentor or just starting out on your mentoring journey, these seven books will support you in further developing your mentoring practice.

1.  The Mentoring Manual: Your Step-by-step Guide to Being a Better Mentor, by Julie Starr

A fantastic introduction to business mentoring, this highly practical book provides you with a better understanding of the definition of business mentoring and how to do it well. Starr's comprehensive guide offers a systematic approach to mentoring, providing practical tools and exercises for mentors at every stage of their journey. From establishing rapport to setting goals and providing feedback, this book will help you to help your mentees, develop your skills and make a positive difference. Find more information here.

2. Two Lengths of the Pool: Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact, by Simon Hartley

Do you ever feel as if you’ve got too much to do, and too little time to do it? This book will help you to simplify and clarify what you do, providing you with effective strategies for achieving peak performance and razor-sharp focus. Hartley shares the simple principles that have helped transform the performance of Olympians and applies them to a business context, enabling you to build a highly successful business.  Find more information here.

3. The Financial Times Guide to Mentoring, by Andy Lopata & Dr. Ruth Gotian

This extensive guide to mentoring offers expert advice on building and maintaining successful mentoring relationships in the ever-evolving business landscape. From finding the right mentor to maximizing the benefits of mentoring programs, this well-researched book covers all aspects of effective mentoring, making it an indispensable tool for professional business mentors at all levels.

This guide encapsulates all things mentoring from volunteer, SME, workplace and executive mentoring. There is genuinely nuggets for everyone accompanied by real life stories and examples keeping it alive and engaging.’ - Kerrie Dorman, ABM Founder & Chief Ambassador

We are very proud to have Andy Lopata as a member of the ABM. He is part of our community. Discover more information about this exceptional book here.

4. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, by Daniel Goleman

Goleman's groundbreaking work emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and success. Drawing on current brain and behavioral research, this book demonstrates how emotional awareness and regulation can drive effective decision-making and interpersonal relationships in the business world. The good news: emotional intelligence can be learned! This book provides hands-on guidance on how to tune into other emotions and guide them effectively. Discover more information here.

Being able to manage emotions in someone else is the core of the art of handling relationships. - Daniel Goleman

5. Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance, by Eric Parsloe & Melville Leedham

How can business mentoring be applied in individual, team and organizational contexts to increase performance? This mentoring book is a treasure trove of practical techniques for fostering learning and performance through coaching and mentoring, including the latest theories and strategies for mentors and coaches. Featuring tips, tools and checklists throughout, this book covers all the key aspects of the mentoring process, from delivering feedback that builds confidence and success and observant listening to evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives and coaching supervision. Discover more information here.

6.  Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry, by Marcia Reynolds

Reflective practice is a key element of mentoring. However, thoughtfully reflecting clients' words and expressions back to them so they see themselves and their world through new eyes can be easier said than done. This book provides you with an accessible explanation of the five essential practices of reflective inquiry, making it an essential  resource for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential as a mentor or coach. Discover more information here.  

7. In Business with Yourself: Understanding Your Identity to Make or Break Your Business, by Michelle Lestas

What sort of business leader are you?  Understanding your business leadership style is a key aspect of running any successful business. This insightful book delves into the relationship between personal identity and business success, exploring how our beliefs, values, and self-perceptions influence our entrepreneurial journey. Challenging the idea that 'one shoe fits all', she provides valuable guidance on overcoming obstacles and achieving fulfilment in both business and life. Discover more information here. We are delighted that Michelle represents the ABM as the Ireland Chair.  

These business mentoring books offer a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for anyone looking to enhance their mentoring skills and achieve greater success in the business world. Whether you're an experienced mentor or just starting your mentoring journey, these resources will inspire, educate, and empower you to make a positive impact on others and yourself. Discover more resources for professional business mentors on the ABM Learning & Development Hub.

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