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Michelle Lestas

Michelle Lestas

ABM Chair - Ireland

Michelle is an integral part of the SME ecosystem across Northern Ireland. A renowned business turnaround specialist she brings over 25 years of qualifications, skills and experience to her business mentoring. Growing up in a family business, Michelle considers SME leadership as part of her DNA and in 2000 she cofounded one of the first indigenous consultancy company’s in NI to operate as an ILM-Accredited Training Centre for Small Business Owner Leadership. In 2021, she became a published author of In Business With Yourself (Orpen Press, Dublin) – which set out the Executive Identity Model® as an innovative approach to small business leadership. An accomplished keynote speaker she uses this model as the building blocks of effective small business leadership.

Michelle has held a variety of board positions across economic development, education and government lobbying. As an Entrepreneur in Residence with Catalyst Inc. she advises high growth start-ups on preparing for investment. In 2021 Michelle became an Ambassador for Women in Business in Northern Ireland and is a strong advocate for supporting female entrepreneurs. Michelle is a regular business columnist with the Irish News and hosts a monthly business feature on Belfast 89FM radio.

Michelle travels wide with her work but home is Belfast - where she lives with her husband and two sons.