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ABM launches ABM Training & Development subsidiary to deliver training to business mentors across the UK

Georgina Waite, ABM CEO

June 3, 2024

The Association of Business Mentors is excited to launch ABM Training & Development, a subsidiary company of the ABM. 

The training company is the ABM’s first step in becoming a significant provider of mentoring training across the range of needs in business mentoring. From entry to Masters level courses, the company will provide training to ABM members and the wider business mentoring community, supporting them on their professional development journey. 

The announcement is part of the ABM’s plans to continue to support business mentors through professional development training, one of its key strategic goals. The subsidiary also supports the ABM’s plans to build its profile and reputation within the business support landscape as the go to organisation for professional business mentoring. 

Upon its launch, ABM CEO Georgina Waite said: 
"ABM Training & Development is an exciting next step for the ABM, its members, and the wider business support landscape.  Training is a vital part of professional development and ABM Training & Development will deliver training from entry to Masters level, ensuring that there is training for whatever stage business mentors are at in their professional journeys."

As part of the launch, the ABM was also delighted to announce its strategic partnership with award winning training provider, Agile Group.

ABM Launches Strategic Partnership with Agile Group

Agile Group, owned by renowned mentoring and coaching trainer Pete Stevens, is a highly regarded and successful mentoring and coaching training provider in the UK and overseas. Its team is well known in the mentoring and coaching landscape for its ILM courses, recently wining an award for “Best customised Training, 2024”. Agile have been a core part of the ABM’s work in recent years, most recently working closely with the ABM to deliver ILM courses to mentors on a government funded business support programme. 

From entry level to Masters level, Agile will deliver a suite of ILM courses to business mentors, supporting them on their professional mentoring journey. 

Upon the announcement of the strategic partnership, Agile Group Owner Pete Stevens said:
“We are excited to be working with the Association of Business Mentors through our strategic partnership to support the development of Business Mentors across the UK. Agile Group, ABM and Business Mentors are all in the knowledge business and we have found that the more you do for others the more you gain yourself. However, you need to give yourselves the opportunity to be successful and that means continual professional development and learning against professional standards. Agile and ABM have the map, the guide, the route, and we want people who have the passion, the motivation and are energised when mentoring others to become more successful. Together we can change the world.”

Which course are you ready for? 

Whether you are a business mentor at the start of your mentoring journey, or one with experience looking for a qualification that advances your skills at degree or Masters level. There is a course for everyone looking to further their professional business mentoring skills. 

Unlocking Potential: The Art of Business mentoring 

The ABM’s 2 hour comprehensive online course for individual business mentors at the very beginning of their mentoring journey. This online course equips you with the insights, strategies, and guidance needed to offer professional business mentoring at an entry level. Developed and delivered by experienced ABM mentors, this course provides you with a deeper understanding of the role of a business mentor and the impact you can have on the success of others.

Available ILM Courses & Qualifications

Introduction to Business Mentoring 

This interactive workshop is designed for mentors on a programme that require an expert introduction to business mentoring. Delivered in a cohort of a maximum of 20 fellow mentors, the workshop has been used by Government programmes in the past. You will be provided with an ILM-endorsed digital token for professional business mentoring.

Foundation in Business Mentoring 

This ILM course is for mentors and coaches who have a basic understanding of business mentoring but seek to gain a deeper understanding of professional mentoring practices and new ideas, theories and principles within the field of Business Mentoring.

ILM 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring (Business) 

The internationally recognised ILM Level 5 qualification is ideal for experienced business people who wish to move into a development role or start a career as a freelance business mentor or coach.

ILM Level 7 Certificate in Senior and Executive Coaching and Mentoring (Business)

This internationally recognised qualification at Masters Level is designed for senior businesspeople with mentoring/coaching experience, who wish to further develop their expertise and credibility in the fields of Executive or Senior level business mentoring and coaching.  

Discover all Learning & Development initiatives on our L&D Hub.

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