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Fri, 22nd, Nov
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event - Ego vs Insecurity How to spot the difference. Embed behavioural change...
Thu, 5th, Dec
Business Mentor Skills Training Level One – The Fundamentals Business Mentor Skills Training Level One – The...
Mon, 9th, Dec - Wed, 11th, Dec
ABM Retreat ABM Retreat 9th -11th December 2019 The Cider...
Fri, 13th, Dec
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event - Embracing a Break What are breaks for? Are we really making...
Fri, 3rd, Jan
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event via Zoom - The ABM’s Mentor Motivation...
Fri, 24th, Jan
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event via Zoom - The ABM’s Mentor Motivation...
Fri, 14th, Feb
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event via Zoom - The ABM’s Mentor Motivation...
Fri, 6th, Mar
Mentor Motivation - MEMBER ONLY event via Zoom - The ABM’s Mentor Motivation...

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Our Patron

Our Patron Sean Gallagher is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about both providing and receiving business mentoring. Read more

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It was with utmost pleasure that I interviewed Rona Kotecha, Executive Director of the Mara Foundation.


I asked a number of key questions, such as her biggest challenge, what it takes to be a Mara Mentor and how to monitor the results.

Read the full interview here:
Rona Kotecha Interview

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Featured Members’ Books

The Mentoring Manual: Your step by step guide to being a better mentor.

By Julie Starr

As a mentor you must be many things: role model, expert, advocate, cheerleader, enforcer and friend. Plus you must make a positive, lasting difference to the knowledge, skills and prospects of your mentee.


Creating Business Advantage: Setting Up and Running a Successful Business

By Daryl Woodhouse

Long-term, consistent, sustainable business growth… guaranteed.
Is that what you want for your business? Or will you be one of the 50% who fail in the first year, or the 90% who fall by the wayside before five years are up? 


BGI Strategy on a Page book

by Deri Llewellyn Davies

The book is widely regarded as one of the best business strategy books for the small and mid tier businesses.  This is a must read for any ambitious business owner.


Retail Success Today

by Rowland Gee

Retail Success Today is an indispensable guide for start ups and existing small to medium sized businesses wishing to establish and grow a profitable retail business.



by Malcolm Durham

WealthBeing is the how-to-succeed-in-business book that doesn’t pretend you are a secret Superman. From the nuts and bolts of finding out who you are and how to look after yourself to building a business you can sell for millions, WealthBeing offers practical, and often counter-intuitive advice:


Franchising Steps to Success

by Ian Stirling

This book sets out the steps required to Franchise a business in the UK. It can be read in circa 1 hour, so is ideal for the busy business owner. Franchising a business requires a step by step approach but even if you have much of the time consuming work carried out for you, if you purchase carefully, most profitable companies can afford the fees. Reading this book will put you in a position to see which steps you can take yourself and where you require assistance.


Achieving peak sales performance for optimal business value and sustainability

by Dr Carlton Brown

While highlighting topics including emotional intelligence, personal branding, and customer relationship management, this book is ideally designed for sales professionals, directors, advertisers, managers, researchers, students, and academicians seeking current research on insights and advancements of business sustainability and sales peak performance.


Member Articles

Why England Rugby is now world class, and how mentoring helped.

Just less than a year ago England lost a rugby match to the All Blacks and I wrote that Maro Itoje {wasn’t] world class, yet. So I’m delighted to join the throng of those hailing him as he has scaled those heights during this World Cup. He, and the team, have matured, and beaten the. Read more

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How do I generate more sales?

Having mentored a number of entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses, one of the questions I am most often asked is; “What is the best way to increase sales or get more clients?” My specialism is in online marketing. I believe that getting your website to work harder for your business is one the. Read more

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Is £199 the price of the world’s most expensive cup of coffee?

Gary King (ABM Regional Head for Yorkshire and Managing Director of Tendo)   I am regularly asked whether I practice what I preach. I can tell you the answer is categorically yes. The other question I’m asked (when running three businesses) is how on earth I get done everything I need to without working 70+. Read more

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