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Meet ABM Mentor Nicki Deeson: Supporting You to Move Forward


February 7, 2024

Supporting You to Move Forward

In this blog, we speak with ABM Full Member, recommended Supervisor and experienced professional Business Mentor Nicki Deeson about her mentoring journey, the impact of business mentoring and how her membership at the ABM enhances her mentoring experience.  

Meet ABM Mentor Nicki Deeson

Part 1: Nicki’s Business Mentoring Journey  

Why did you become a business mentor?  

Becoming a business mentor was a natural extension of my love for coaching. I wanted to broaden my impact and assist more individuals globally. Currently, I provide coaching, mentoring, and supervision services to clients worldwide, focusing on self-growth and effectiveness. Additionally, I teach coaching, mentoring, and leadership skills to managers, aiming to contribute to their professional development.

Since 2016, my journey has included completing ICF-Accredited Coach-Specific Training, Business Mentoring Levels 1 and 2, and Coach/Mentor Supervision ILM Level 7. This extensive training has shaped my primary focus on coaching, mentoring, and supervision.  

“Nicki's coaching helped me bring a difficult career episode to a constructive end, and gain insights to get my next job 'right' and be happy within it. I enthusiastically recommend Nicki!”
Dave, Head of Finance & Governance

Why would you recommend joining the ABM to other Business Mentors?

Joining the ABM is not just about credibility; it opens doors to numerous opportunities for development, community engagement, and support. Having a growth and discovery mindset within the ABM can lead to unexpected learning and opportunities that you don’t even imagine yet!  

You are a valued Full member of the ABM. What have been the top three benefits you’ve experienced as an ABM member?

Being part of a prestigious mentoring membership body adds to my credibility as a professional Business Mentor and showcases my dedication to professional standards within the profession. As a result of my ABM membership, clients say they are impressed by my qualifications and high-level of professionalism. If I were to summarise the top three benefits of my ABM Membership it would be:

Formal Mentoring Supervision:

Being an ABM Full Member has provided access to formal mentoring supervision by trained professionals, a crucial aspect of my continuous development. I've even become one of the ABM's trained supervisors, highlighting the value I place on supervision.  

Community Support:

The ABM community comprises wonderful professionals who generously contribute to my development in ways I hadn't imagined.

Opportunities for Impact:

ABM membership has allowed me to participate in programs like Help to Grow, empowering more business owners through mentoring and contributing measurably to the UK economy.

“I did not understand the value of having a supervisor until I had supervision with Nicki as part of my ILM studies with a more experienced mentor. I now appreciate how important it is for the professional development of any mentor or coach to have this support. I have someone to go to with my dilemmas, ethical issues and challenges that come up in mentee conversations. A critical friend and a sounding board, who also plays an important part in my wellbeing. I’m planning on continuing supervision for the foreseeable future.”
Hilary Fearn, ABM Full Member  

Part 2: How a Business Mentor Can Support You in Moving Forward

In your opinion, what is the key role of a business mentor?

We are helping others solve their challenges, play to their strengths and feel happy and fulfilled. I believe that through reflection and focus you can achieve your work goals, maximise your impact and get most value from life. Over the past years I was able to mentor a variety of different clients and it has been a privilege to see them proceed and succeed.

“Nicki helped me reflect on where I was, professionally and personally, and see where I could change and grow. She is wonderfully receptive. My life has moved forward a lot from this opportunity.”
Nic, Head of Finance and Resources

What do your clients say about working with you?

Clients appreciate my understanding, organisation, patience, and creative approach. They highlight my ability to guide them in identifying personal motivations, setting career goals, and overcoming challenges, this includes improving their time management, leadership communication and change management skillset. However, in the end it often comes down to confidence and guiding my clients to a strong believe in their own abilities.  

“Nicki is very good at helping me to learn how to solve my problems. I learned how to identify personal motivations, short- and long-term career goals, and to overcome challenges to achieve those goals.  My most important learnings are to stay focused on my goals, learning through each situation and problem that presents itself and - most importantly - keep my confidence!”  
Maggie H., Mentee of Nicki Deeson

What are your future goals as a professional business mentor?

To keep developing myself and being the best that I can be, for my clients and for wider society.

About Nicki Deeson

Over her 30-year career, Nicki held successful senior finance, IT and programme management roles, living and working in Britain, Australia, Asia and Africa after training as an accountant at PwC. Building on her expertise in stakeholder management, financial turnaround and strategy, she is an experienced non-executive Chair, regular speaker, and lectures on the Inspiring Financial Leadership course at Bayes Business School.  

Driving excellence and award-winning leadership was a career theme, and as a certified leadership coach, she has over 800 business mentoring and coaching hours and is a coach/mentor supervisor. Nicki has completed ICF-Accredited Coach-Specific Training, and Advanced Professional Mentor training with the ABM, she has been a full-time mentor and coach since 2019.

Would you like to work with Nicki? Discover Nicki’s Mentoring services here.

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