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Unlocking Potential: The Art of Business Mentoring

Learn the essential skills and strategies needed to become a successful business mentor.

Start Your Business Mentoring Journey

This online course equips you with the insights, strategies, and guidance needed to offer professional business mentoring at an entry level. Developed and delivered by experienced ABM mentors, this course provides you with a deeper understanding of the role of a business mentor and the impact you can have on the success of others.

It's time to unlock your full mentoring potential.

A comprehensive entry-level guide to mentoring

Throughout this course, we will cover topics such as effective communication, goal setting, feedback delivery, and building strong relationships with your mentees.

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2+ hours of course content

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Additional downloadable resources

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Made by experienced business mentors

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Supporting mentors at all stages

This course is designed to benefit mentors at various stages of their mentoring journey.

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Meet Your Teachers

Key Learnings & Insights

This course provides you with the essential skills and resources to guarantee the success of your mentees. 

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Explore essential skills and strategies for successful business mentoring.

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Learn about effective communication, goal setting, and feedback delivery.

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Understand the role, responsibilities and impact of business mentoring.

Course Structure

The course includes a series of short videos, engaging discussions and literature on business mentoring. Key subjects include:

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Definition and impact of business mentoring

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Essential traits of an effective business mentor

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How to structure your first mentoring session

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An overview of the mentoring process

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Meet your teachers

We understand that the knowledge gained from those who have walked the path before us can be invaluable. That's why the course is delivered by two highly qualified and experienced ABM mentors.

Kerrie Dorman

ABM Founder

After running a successful mentoring business and founding the ABM, I now support mentors with practical mentoring skills training to support businesses of all shapes and sizes,  as well as work with HR departments in running highly beneficial mentoring programs guiding both mentors and mentees in larger organisations with structure and motivation.

Tim Anderson

ABM L&D Director

With over thirty years’ experience within the sales environment and after having supported three training and development organisations to grow their businesses by developing their commercial offering, I now focus on supporting fellow practitioners to work towards becoming the truly fabulous mentors they aspire to be. I am a qualified coach with both ICF and EMCC credentialing, a Chartered Manager and hold a degree in professional consulting.

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The Art of Business Mentoring course is a fantastic resource for individual mentors and as part of organisational mentoring programmes. Get in touch for a custom quote.


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For entry-level business mentors.


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Workplace Mentoring

This programme is available for workplace mentoring training to organisations of various sizes. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific mentoring programme needs.

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