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Words of Wisdom

Hiring on character

Hiring on character

Hiring on character

Join ABM Director, Gary King, as he chats to Simon Hartley on this pre-recorded Words of Wisdom interview.

Takeaways include...

How Simon has learned about hiring on character.
Why most business leaders say, “We want to hire on attitude and train skills”, but then don’t manage it.
What difference hiring on character makes to a business.
How to hire on character and the steps needed to take.

About Simon

Simon Hartley, MSc. - Founder of Be World Class

Simon Hartley is a globally respected sport psychology consultant and performance coach. For over 25 years, Simon has worked with gold medallists, world record holders, world champions, top five world-ranked professional athletes, Olympians and championship winning teams.

Since 2011, Simon has published eight books, including How To Herd Cats; Leading A Team of Independent Thinkers and Stronger Together; How Great Teams Work.

During the last 15 years, Simon has also applied the principles of sport psychology to business, education, healthcare, the military and the charity sector. This has included projects with some of the world’s leading corporations and foremost executives. He is also an international professional speaker, delivering keynotes throughout the world.

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