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Words of Wisdom

Pricing & Packaging Your High End, High Value Offer

Pricing & Packaging Your High End, High Value Offer

Pricing and Packaging High Value, High End Offers

In this month's Words of Wisdom episode ABM Director Gary King speaks with pricing expert Richi Patel on the how to price and package high value, high end offers.

Rishi Patel is an expert on Pricing and Packaging High Value, High End offers – Here will delve deep into the essential elements that coaches and consultants and service providers in general must comprehend to fortify their offerings. Recognizing the intrinsic relationship between pricing, perceived value, and business success, this will educate on the intricacies of pricing strategies, highlighting how these decisions influence personal and business incomes. By navigating through a comprehensive analysis of the balance between experience, expertise, and knowledge, attendees will gain insights into formulating a pricing approach that mirrors the true value of their services, enabling them to confidently charge premium rates and ensure the sustained success of their business.

Key points of this episode include:

  • The overarching importance of pricing in business success.
  • Deciphering the difference between company charges and personal earnings.
  • The interplay between experience, expertise, and knowledge in determining value.
  • Recognizing the pitfalls of undervaluing services.
  • The psychological aspects of pricing and its impact on client perception.

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About Rishi Patel

Rishi's sales career started with high-volume, low-ticket items, a journey that brought both exhilaration and eventual burnout as a coach and entrepreneur. Throughout this challenging period, martial arts remained his grounding force, a passion that provided both solace and inspiration.

Recognizing the parallels between the precision, balance, and intentionality of martial arts and the nuances of selling, Rishi developed the "Selling to Serve" pathway. This innovative approach challenges the traditional notion of constant selling that leads many coaches to burnout.

Instead, he advocates for understanding the true value of one's services, allowing professionals to price with both confidence and clarity. By selling fewer, higher-value services, coaches not only meet their financial objectives but also secure the time to truly serve their purpose. For Rishi, this means harnessing the power of martial arts to shape young minds, making them valuable contributors to their families and wider communities.

With Rishi's insights, professionals can redefine success, prioritizing both income and impact.