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Words of Wisdom

Identifying and dealing with imposter syndrome

Identifying and dealing with imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt like an imposter?

Hosted by ABM Director Gary King, with guest ABM Member Pinky Ghadiali

In our August Words of Wisdom episode, ABM Director Gary King speaks with multi-award-winning Inclusive Leadership & Imposter Syndrome Coach Pinky Ghadiali about identifying and dealing with imposter syndrome.

About Pinky Ghadiali

As a women’s business and life coach, I see women every day that are being held back by their low-confidence, imposter syndrome and anxiety. My self-confidence coaching and leadership courses are designed to help you overcome personal and professional issues so you can become the best version of you, so that you can up level your business or get that promotion. Netwomen is a global community of more than 7000 ambitious women consisting of the Netwomen Linkedin, Meta, twitter and we are growing fast. I am constantly inspired to see so many great women raising the bar and killing it!"