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Imposter syndrome with Clare Josa

Imposter syndrome with Clare Josa

Are You Hungry To Make A Bigger Difference In The World? But Secretly Suspect You're Getting In Your Own Way?

Imposter Syndrome expert Clare Josa joined ABM Member Phil Fraser for a live interview and Q&A session on the subject of Imposter Syndrome.

During the course of the interview she shares:

What is Imposter Syndrome
What isn’t Imposter Syndrome
The rubbish and the myths that surround Imposter Syndrome
The simple ‘ABC’ way of putting an immediate pause on a bout of Imposter Syndrome
Her 5 step method of ditching Imposter Syndrome for good
How to turn your inner critic into your personal cheerleader
…and much much more.

About Clare Josa

Since 2003, I have specialised in helping business leaders and high-achievers to finally clear the secret self-sabotage thoughts and behaviours caused by Imposter Syndrome... along with other self-imposed glass ceilings - the stuff that goes deeper than mindset or confidence, but which gets in the way of you making the difference you really want to make in the world.

I get excited about supporting companies to develop their leadership teams, to close the gender pay gap and to make leaps towards gender parity in leadership roles. And, for those companies who are ready for it, I teach teams how to lead from their heart in a head-based world.

I'm on a mission to help women, in particular, become the leaders they were born to be.

Contact Clare

If you missed any of Clare’s various websites and links that she mentioned during the webinar, details are below;

Website –

The book – (support the High Street and get it from a local book seller if you can rather than Amazon)

Clare’s ‘Inner Critic’ bootcamp (starts 25th April) –

Clare’s podcast –

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