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The power of building business communities

The power of building business communities

The importance of building business communities.

Gary King was recently joined by Penny Power OBE, to chat about 'The importance of building business communities.

During their chat, they covered topics such as...

  • Why is community becoming an essential part of business strategy
  • What exactly is a community
  • What is the impact at both citizen and business level
  • How does a network and a community differ
  • How do I experience one/ go about setting one up

About Penny

Penny is a UK entrepreneur, international public speaker, author, and community builder. She is the mother of three adult children and has been married to Thomas Power for 32 years. Penny believes in "community-led growth"and has always approached business in a highly personal way. Her latest book,"Business Is Personal," has helped thousands of business owners find success and happiness in their work. In 2023, Penny will publish her third book, called"Community Mindset," which expands on her belief that implementing a community is a powerful asset for businesses and organisations, provided they understand the benefits of placing "citizens" at the centre of their strategy.

Penny Power OBE

Founder of "Business is Personal'

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