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Words of Wisdom

How to build and sustain competitive advantage

How to build and sustain competitive advantage

How to build and sustain competitive advantage

Join ABM Director, Gary King, as he chats to Margaret on this pre-recorded Words of Wisdom interview.

Takeaways include...

  • Why do you need to understand your marketplace?
  • Why do you need to understand the global as well as local issues?
  • Why are small business owners afraid of change?
  • How should small business owners be reacting to change?
  • How important is data to small business success and what role does it play?
  • How do you build and sustain competitive advantage?

About Margaret

Margaret Gouskov Director and Founder of Global Initiatives & Solutions Ltd., an Edinburgh based company uniquely designed to function as a hybrid between business consultancy and a multidisciplinary think tank.
Margaret is an interdisciplinary professional educated in political science, economics, and law, with strong analytical and communication skills and experience working with government agencies and international institutions, 30+ years in business of consulting, advising, mentoring and designing sustainable solutions, globally. Her work now focuses on complex, potential threat scenarios related to political, economic, financial, and personal risks resulting from the unpredictability of situations, individuals, and geopolitical power shifts. An expert in national security, geopolitical and economic risk management, business security, rapid multidisciplinary broad analysis, and decision-making in critical management and response. Whilst Margaret’s long-standing connections with world experts is exceptional, she is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity, always eager to engage with people at all levels and varied backgrounds in the pursuit of excellence in education and business.

Margaret is a skilled negotiator and an experienced serial entrepreneur with a long record of advising business owners. Her unique approach to business and the ability to see connections across multidisciplinary fields makes her a desired and sought-after mentor.

Connect with Margaret

I prefer to be reached by email at or by a LinkedIn message.  From there I usually establish contact by phone, however prefer to do it on my own.