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Referrals - The easiest Sale and how to make it

Referrals - The easiest Sale and how to make it

Referrals - The easiest Sale and how to make it

Many Sales Trainers and mentors talk about Sales Theory and broad applications. Jonathan is a practitioner. He prides himself on spending time 'in the field' with his clients observing what really happens. This ensures that his service is tailored to the industry and needs of the individual.

Against that background and significant experience as a Sales Director for companies like Carlsberg as well as hundreds of clients since setting up his company 17 years ago, expect some practical advice, not theory.

In the talk, Jonathan will be outlining why referrals should be the primary area of Sales focus for any small business especially when selling Mentoring or Coaching services.

Using examples from his own Business, Jonathan will outline techniques to make this a natural process and the most efficient Sales method in your armoury.

Those who attend will learn:

Why the referral is the easiest and most effective Sale we can ever make
How and when to ask for it
How to gain sufficient self-confidence to ask for it

About Jonathan Ratcliff

I help Managing Directors of Companies who are frustrated with their Field Sales Performance, get more from that resource. I do that through Field Sales Accompaniments which very few other Trainers undertake. This can also be done with recordings of meetings but is much better in the Field.There is no better way of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individual Sales people than by seeing them in action with their Customers. Only in this way can I tailor the training to their requirements and observe what they REALLY do rather than what they think they do.

Once the Salespeople realise that I undertake the accompaniment to help them improve, they enjoy the process. Show me a Salesperson who doesn't want to improve their Sales and I will refer them to a career coach!

What motivates me in all of this is the ability to make sustainable change in my clients performance. Once they learn a new skill and put it into action, the smiles and the pride in the improved performance are a source of immense satisfaction to me.

I also help small Business owners (by the hour online) for whom Sales is something they fear. If they don't know how to prepare for a meeting where they might need to have thought about what questions to ask to highlight the opportunity, how they present themselves as different from their competition and anticipate objections, then it can be a scary process. For me, it is second nature and it would be a pleasure to help overcome your fears.

I can take Small Business Owners through a Coaching and Mentoring process on winning new Business from preparing for the meeting right the way through to following up admin having won the contract and all the stages in-between.

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