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Get visible with a stand out Personal Brand

Get visible with a stand out Personal Brand

Get visible with a stand out Personal Brand

The business landscape has changed. COVID has accelerated the advance of tech in the working world and many of us find ourselves splitting our working week between home and the office.

So how do we stay visible in this hybrid set up?  In an increasingly digital world,  it’s the ‘human skills’ of powerful communication and engagement that allow you stand out from the crowd and the competition.  

In this pre recorded webinar, Deborah will share tools and techniques to help you develop a powerful personal brand, and inspire you to step up and show up with true confidence.  Gary and Deborah will dig deep on the topic of Personal Branding, drawing on their 10+ years of working with clients.  

This interview will answer questions such as...

How do I start?

Should my work not speak for itself?

What will people think when I post online?

About Deborah

Deborah Ogden is a nationally respected speaker on personal branding and making an impact.

Whether it’s building profile and visibility, winning contracts or presenting with confidence, Deborah has delivered breakthrough results time after time for businesses and individuals across the UK.

She has 20 years of extensive experience working as a Media Manager in professional sport and working on the PR and image of some high-profile names.  She now supports organisations and individuals up and down the country sharing the power of personal branding on a corporate and individual level.

Her approach centres around building confidence with an authentic personal brand (be yourself – but make it the best you!) and communicating this to raise profile, visibility and increase impact. We communicate our personal brand in every interaction and Deborah’s work covers first impressions, body language, visual impact and communication skills, with an understanding of how these impact on the people around you.

Having trained as a solicitor, Deborah has a strong background in professional services giving her an in-depth and real world understanding of the importance of backing up content with strong presentation.

Deborah is host of the Podcast, ‘On Brand With…’, bringing personal branding ‘to life’, and is a regular commentator for BBC Radio and the press, featuring in national publications including Daily Mail, Express, Essentials and Stylist magazine.