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How to have an effective strategic planning process

How to have an effective strategic planning process

How to have an effective strategic planning process

As an experienced Strategic Planning Manager, Brenda has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to share.  She has devised her own four-stage process and will take attendees through each stage, introducing relevant strategic planning tools.  

The session starts with some theory of the strategic planning process and looks at the inputs, outputs and outcome. We then take each of the four stages in turn and demonstrate the iterative nature of the process and provide real life examples. Finally, we will talk about common pitfalls as well as the importance of having the right culture to allow your strategy execution to be successful.

Key outcomes:

1. Understand why a business needs a strategic planning process

2. Distinguish between the four phases

3. Be aware of the pitfalls

About Brenda Etchells

I'm Brenda and I am passionate about helping you make your dreams a reality.

I left a 30-year career in financial services to follow my dream. And that dream was to help other business owners by offering my support and sharing my knowledge, so we can all bring our dreams to life.

I do what I do because I love people.

I established my  company, Carduus Ltd, in 2019 where I work with larger businesses and offer strategic planning consultancy services and  facilitation.  

What I learn from working with these larger clients I can translate into how I help other smaller businesses.  

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