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Susanne Harrison

Susanne Harrison

ABM Chair - Scotland

Susanne has over 20 years of strategy, leadership and management and coaching experience. This includes planning and implementing change and improving the performance of people,resources and services within organisations.

She has managed change for a number of years in the public and private sector, including several years in the public sector supporting business change and cost reduction. Over the past 12 years she has been supporting SMEs owner/directors and became a Director of the practice in 2016. She has extended her skill set to coach clients to price with confidence to maximise profit.

She is a member of:

- The Association of Business Mentors
- The Association for Coaching, as an accredited executive coach.
- The Institute of Leadership and Management, where she is certified in all the components of leadership.
- The Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as a practitioner.
- The Association of Project Managers ( original career)

She is one of only 3 Price Consultants in Scotland and is also trained trainer and group facilitator.

She has worked with a range of clients, including senior leaders within large organisations such as head teachers and senior managers as well as business owner/directors and senior teams. The focus of all her work is on developing personal awareness, capacity and capabilities to deliver personal, business and team goals with a particular emphasis on leadership skills and pricing with confidence.  

She has delivered training and coaching with the Chamber of Commerce, Business Gateway and most recently a short programme supported by Scottish Enterprise. She is a member of the Young Enterprise Local Board, supporting entrepreneurship qualifications for senior pupils and has mentored students at the University of Stirling.

Most recently she is a member of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM) Project Team, delivering the ABM element of the National Help to Grow Management Programme in conjunction with University Business Schools across the country.