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Our South Downs

Our South Downs

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01730 819 303
What is Our South Downs?

Our South Downs is a South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) initiative to build a community of like-minded micro and small businesses, who share the same values around sustainability, into a local network group to promote stronger and shorter rural supply chains and support them in their pursuit for sustainability. The platform is FREE to join.

“Promote stronger, shorter rural supply chains and support businesses in their pursuit of sustainability”

Why are businesses important to delivering our organisations objectives?

Businesses are a ‘Force for Good’ and play a crucial role in delivering National Park Purposes.

There are over 8000 businesses in the South Downs National Park (SDNP) collectively owning or managing over 70% of the landscape whilst providing jobs for over 54,000 people. It is universally acknowledged, if we are to meet our Climate Change Targets of Net Zero by 2040 and our Nature Recovery Targets of 33% by 2030, then the contribution of South Downs businesses will be paramount.

Our South Downs provides the SDNPA with the unique opportunity to communicate and interact with South Downs businesses to enable, add value and facilitate their positive contribution to the SDNP and addressing nature depletion, climate change and a National Park for All.

Partnership Working:

Members of Our South Downs are able to access and benefit from a package of offers and initiatives to support ranging from sustainable accreditation in the form of Green South Downs to a Free Mentoring Session from our Partners, The Association of Business Mentors.

To find out more about the offers available to Our South Downs Members follow the link below: