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FRP Advisory

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How can we best support our mentees when they are facing financial distress?

In the course of their business journey, many of our mentees may encounter uncertainty regarding their financial standing. This might result in them requiring professional advice beyond what we, as business mentors, can offer.In order to better assist in such situations, we are delighted to announce a new corporate sponsor, FRP Advisory. They will collaborate with ABM Mentors to offer support and guidance to any clients facing financial distress.

About FRP Advisory

FRP Advisory are a leading national business advisory firm, specialising in Forensics, Corporate Finance, Debt Advisory, Restructuring and Financial Advisory.  

FRP Advisory delivers strategic solutions and draws on experts within each of their service areas to put the best people in place for each circumstance. With over 670 people including 93 partners, they have a deep understanding of why crises can happen in business and how to find a way out.  

Working across the board, from multinational organisations to small enterprises, FRP develops effective strategies for all. Each of their partners works directly with clients to make important decisions quickly. They understand the intricacies of each situation and have the insights and expertise to find the right solution.

Every situation is tackled with FRP’s honest, clear and considered approach. They're all about being transparent, it’s how FRP started, and it is integral to the solutions they provide. They work with clients going through difficult times, and they rely on them to be both understanding and strategic in their next steps.

Honesty comes first. FRP is clear with their clients about the options and possible outcomes. Their advice is no-nonsense. They speak openly and in plain English, so clients always know where they stand and the decisions they need to make. They are professional, but also real people who understand the difficulties their clients face.

No matter how complex the situation, FRP's advisers have experienced it before. They seek to understand what the needs of their clients are. That starts by listening then working closely together to find the best solution for each situation.

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