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ChairX – The International Business Network

Why join a business network?

85% of your business emanates from your personal business network due to the trust that has been built in that relationship.  

A referral is far more powerful than a name on a list.

If you can build your network with meaningful and relevant connections, then you are more likely to drive more and better business, from Consulting roles to Board appointments or Partnerships.  

As with any networking, all business outcomes are possible.

We are a non-sales network.

What is the ChairX Modus Operandi?

ChairX is an International Business Network for Directors and Business Leaders. We have created a unique formula for leaders to meet, engage, learn and collaborate.

Over 1000 Directors and Business leaders Chair, NED, CXO, Board Director and Entrepreneur join to discuss business issues and network with their peers Internationally, on an ongoing basis.

  • Every Member introduces themselves on every session and adds contact details in the chat box.  
  • Most discussions are not recorded- Chatham House and to allow for authentic discussion.
  • You have a transparent delegate list on the platform.
  • After the event, you connect or have follow ups with any that resonate, in the spirit of collaboration, with the aim to create a win-win from any outcomes.  
  • Members also have access to the private database of 1-1 connections.  
  • Find Board Members and Consultants or assistance with a business challenge and reach out as a ChairX Member, in the spirit of collaboration.
  • We have created a culture that is friendly, inclusive and professional.
In business networking, to give is to receive.

How and where do I get involved with ChairX?

We operate on Zoom (2pm or 11am GMT/BST) for accessibility; E.S.G. (no trains involved!) and to allow International Business Connections. They are 90-minute sessions.

We have over 6 events per month (except during the holiday periods) and recommend joining a minimum of one a month- more if you have time.

 All events discussion-based. Thought Leaders, Experts, Masterminds and Business Networking.

 Members can access an inclusive private database of Chair, NED and CXO profiles that you can access to build your Boards, source expertise and be contacted- at no additional charge.

There are many people- based platforms but at ChairX we create the meetings, the connections and the business opportunities.

 The Member only platform allows 1-1 connections around collaboration and business-not sales.

We also reward our members with any referrals @20%

We have over 1000 testimonials, 72% renewal rate and 22% referral rate (2023)

How do I join ChairX?

You can join as an Individual, Corporate Memberor Network Partner.

Corporate Clients and Network Partners have their logo and link on the ChairX website.

Individuals are profiled on the members platform on a scrolling basis.

You join ChairX at or email and we can set you up.

Alternatively, feel free to arrange a chat with me about the benefits of joining.

My Calendly is

We look forward to welcoming you to ChairX, The International Business Network.

Kind Regards

Caroline Hayward

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