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Andrea Burns,

Culture and Values Development Director, Catapult Solutions Ltd

Certified MasterMind Executive Coach, LMEC

Master Coach

Certified Axiological Analyst

Catapult Solutions is delighted to work collaboratively as a partner – helping the ABM improve the professionalism of business mentoring by helping members work both on their business and in their business.

As mentors, you are looking to help people make better decisions. We bring  Axiometrics® -

a tool and methodology which provides real, measurable, and accurate insight into the thinking/decision-making capabilities of individuals/teams/organisations. It is thinking and decision-making talent which leads to sustainable success.

There are two main ways we can help.


Mentors love to help businesses, but you also must run your business.

Entrepreneur Analysis Report

We provide an Entrepreneur Analysis and a one to one debrief session. It measures Entrepreneurial competencies in 5 key areas " (i) Knows what to do, (ii) Knows how to do it, (iii) Planning and organising, (iv) Get things done, and (v) Working through others". You get prioritised actionable insights to help you improve how you run your business.

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We provide you with some options to extend your mentoring and consulting services by providing several reports which you can use with your clients without having to become certified.

Innovative Problem-Solving Report

Businesses are having to solve more problems than ever, but how can you quickly and accurately assess the effectiveness of innovative problem solving in your client businesses? This report addresses the skills important for each phase of effective problem solving. These are (i) Problem Definition, (ii) Solution Finding, (iii) Implementation and (iv) Team Skills. You get prioritised actionable insights which you can then take forward over a period of weeks and months as you mentor your client to make the changes necessary to improve the quality of problem solving of individuals and teams.  

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Innovation Leadership Report

As a mentor, you work with senior leaders and business owners. Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges and innovation is more important than ever. But how can you assess and help leaders improve their Innovation Leadership?  You can provide an Innovation Leadership Report, it covers three areas of focus: (i) creativity, (ii) leadership, and (iii) strategy. Creativity is required to ensure that the product or service is extraordinary or new. Leadership is required to support the talent of and guide the people who make things happen. Strategy is required to give direction to the people and process. In the report provides detailed strengths and development areas in each of these dimensions. You can take these forward as part of the development of your leader clients – adding an additional and important focus to you mentoring and consulting.

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Coaching Styles Report

Business and team leaders are having to change the way they engage their teams as we move into an era of a hybrid workforce of home and office workers. As a mentor, you know the benefits of using a coaching style of leadership. How can you quickly and accurately get an understanding of the natural coaching style of the leaders you mentor? This report identifies their coaching style and identifies defining characteristics of their style, their strengths and development areas when communicating, problem solving and decision making. A planning guide is included to assist you in formulating a Coaching Development Plan for your client. As a mentor, we highly recommend you take this report for yourself – since that will help you see your natural coaching style and how that differs from that of your client. This level of understanding will help you build the best working relationships

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Coach/ Mentor Matching

On larger projects, you may need to enlist the support of fellow mentor members of the ABM. The challenge is how to match which mentor with which client.  The key to matching a mentor with a client is to achieve the best pairing of thinking style. This will avoid thinking (and questioning) blind spots. It is not about behaviours – it is all about thinking. We have developed a tool that utilises the data from Coaching Styles Reports and we provide this mentor matching service on a consultancy basis for you.

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Want to find out more?

In addition to helping you work on your business and providing reports and coaching matching, we have a range of over 90 reports and team dynamics, culture programmes tools which we can provide as consultancy to run alongside you in your client organisations.

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