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The journey of entrepreneurial leadership

The journey of entrepreneurial leadership

The journey of entrepreneurial leadership


ABM Ireland Chair Michelle Lestas

The Journey of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Understanding the type of entrepreneurial leader you are mentoring, is crucial to the Mentor-to-Business (M2B) relationship.

The Executive Identity Model®, developed by Michelle Lestas in 2021 and set out in her book - “In Business With Yourself” (Orpen Press) is considered "a great resource for small businesses" (Theo Paphitis, BBC Business Dragon) an extremely innovative approach to entrepreneurial leadership for business mentors. Appreciating that entrepreneurial leadership is not a one shoe fits all.

The approach focuses on developing and nurturing the entrepreneur's leadership based on the distinctive attributes and qualities of their leadership group. By investing in the positive development of the thinking, attitudes, motivation, knowledge and skills of the business owner, a mentor has a much greater opportunity to support the entrepreneur to thrive and grow and develop a long-term sustainable business. Working with eight separate Business Identities, this programme takes the mentor on a journey of entrepreneurial leadership.

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Michelle Lestas BSc(Hons), MBA, ACCA (Valuations), MIoD, ABM Chair Ireland





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The Book - “In Business With Yourself” (Orpen Press 2021) In Business with Yourself: Understanding Your Identity to Make or Break Your Business: Michelle Lestas: 9781786051134: Books