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Reflective practice for non-reflectors

Reflective practice for non-reflectors

Reflective practice for non-reflectors


Brenda Etchells

Reflective practice for non-reflectors!

Having recently completed my ILM7, I have spent a lot of time in reflective mode - as well as written a 10,000 word assignment on the subject.

The trouble is it does not come naturally to me.  In the learning styles (of Honey and Mumford) I scored 1/20.  I tried to overcome this by buying myself a new fancy notebook to journal my thoughts and reflections throughout the course.  Did I write in it?? Yup, 3 pages worth!

However, to grow, evolve and develop as a mentor, reflection is a key part of the process.  Through various conversations with my own coach and supervisor, I realised I do actually reflect - just not in a 'journalistic' way.   And that there is no right or wrong way - whatever works for you.

In this Mentor Motivation session, I will share my reflections on my reflections (if that makes sense) and the strategies I use now. I'll welcome any questions you might have about your reflective practice as well as your own experiences.