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Leadership in Mentoring Sessions

Leadership in Mentoring Sessions

Leadership in Mentoring Sessions


ABM Full Member Monica Moldoveanu

Leadership in Mentoring Sessions

Learn effective strategies to lead and guide mentoring sessions, ensuring a conducive environment for growth and development.

Monica is a marketing and launch strategist that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to create strong sales strategies and sell out their offers. The session covers techniques such as creating a safe space, steering the conversation, asking impactful questions, nurturing accountability, and sustaining mentee engagement.

Establishing a Supportive Environment: Creating a safe space is foundational, promoting trust, respect, and confidentiality. The onboarding and initial conversations should set a tone where mentees feel at ease sharing their challenges, goals, and fears, facilitating a deeper mentor-mentee relationship.

Guiding Purposeful Conversations: Leadership in mentoring involves actively leading and controlling conversations, while still enabling mentees to express themselves. Steering discussions towards objectives and action points is crucial. Effective leadership here ensures conversations remain relevant and productive.

Empowering Through Thoughtful Questions: Effective leaders use powerful questions to prompt self-reflection and growth, encouraging mentees to explore solutions and gain fresh insights. Empowerment is achieved through thought-provoking questions that challenge mentees while fostering a sense of ownership over their development.

Fostering Accountability and Motivation: Successful mentors cultivate accountability by initiating regular check-ins and encouraging mentees to stay focused on their goals. Recognizing and celebrating achievements, regardless of size, keeps mentees engaged and motivated, fuelling their passion for their objectives

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