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Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Effective Communication


ABM Member Adele Hartland

Effective Communication - creating better chemistry faster, more of the time, in more of your relationships.

-The Platinum Rule for communication

-The two-power question sets that will give you immediate insight into anyone’s preferred communication style.

About Adele

Adele Hartland, owner, and founder of Lacuna Coaching Ltd is a certified Leadership, Culture & Employee Engagement Coach, Sales Trainer & Facilitator, Change Management Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Communications & Behaviour specialist, Quality Mind® Mentor, and HeartMath® Certified Coach.

Adele has over 20 years international experience working in and with both SMEs and large organisations such as SABMiller, Red Bull, Cisco and British American Tobacco.  Today with her experience, training, and access to some of the most innovative and effective approaches she helps businesses & individuals grow and thrive.