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Thu, 16th, Feb
Sheffield City Region Mentoring Launch "Your Personal Brand: Stand Out, Be Outstanding" with Deborah Ogden
Tue, 21st, Feb
West Midland Region. Professional Information Session This is a joint meeting with ibd West Midlands and ABM - an opportunity to meet like minded people and form collaborations.
Tue, 14th, Mar
LONDON CONFERENCE 2017 This is a unique, all day event held at the British Library to inspire, motivate and enhance the quality of your business mentoring. In 2017 we are inviting business owners and potential mentees to join us.
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Our Patron

Our Patron

Our Patron Sean Gallagher is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about both providing and receiving business mentoring. Read more

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Tendo Strategy Partners Westminster Indemnity
Westminster Business Council Business and ip Centre Advantage Business
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The Mentoring Manual – Julie Starr
Your step by step guide to being a better mentor.
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Creating Business Advantage – Daryl Woodhouse
Setting up and running a sucessful business.
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Strategy on a Page – Deri Llewellyn-Davies
Develop your business strategy on just one simgle page!
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Retail Success Today – Rowland Gee
Retail Success Today is an indispensable guide for start ups and existing small to medium sized businesses wishing to establish and grow a profitable retail business.
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Member Articles

An Entrepreneur – What?

What makes a successful entrepreneur?   For starters, most famous entrepreneurs make their own luck.  While talking with Simon Cowell about how he became so successful, Oprah Winfrey, herself a successful and innovative celebrity entrepreneur, said “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”. Knowing that you won’t be the next Bill Gates or James Dyson. Read more

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There are 5 types of salesperson…..

When we divide-up the sales population it looks something like this. The circle represents all of those who are in the sales profession.The space between the pyramid and the inside of the circle indicates all of those in selling who are there for all of the wrong reasons. Some examples of those ‘wrong reasons’ are:. Read more

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Good questioning — great sales (part 2)

In part one we concentrated on key areas of sales preparation – with the aim of building a real appreciation of what is happening on the customer’s side of the desk. Now we turn our attention to how we can capitalise on this as the dialogue progresses ahead of the presentation. Solutions and problems Revelation. Read more

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