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Fri, 20th, Oct
Mentor Motivation - Short, Sharp Debates with Kerrie Dorman We cover frustrations, solutions and progession in our every day mentoring activities in a relaxed environment
Tue, 24th, Oct
Dynamiqe Mentoring Accreditation Programme On line training and accreditation 90 Day Cycle Self Study + Peer Learning + Group Webinars Action Learning Hybrid of Coach-Mentor-Learning roles Reflective Journaling On going professional Support
Thu, 26th, Oct
Business Mentor Skills Training Level 1: Fundamentals LONDON ONE DAY COURSE – Suitable for business &...

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Our Patron

Our Patron Sean Gallagher is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about both providing and receiving business mentoring. Read more

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It was with utmost pleasure that I interviewed Rona Kotecha, Executive Director of the Mara Foundation.


I asked a number of key questions, such as her biggest challenge, what it takes to be a Mara Mentor and how to monitor the results.

Read the full interview here:
Rona Kotecha Interview


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The Mentoring Manual – Julie Starr
Your step by step guide to being a better mentor.
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Creating Business Advantage – Daryl Woodhouse
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Strategy on a Page – Deri Llewellyn-Davies
Develop your business strategy on just one simgle page!
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Retail Success Today – Rowland Gee
Retail Success Today is an indispensable guide for start ups and existing small to medium sized businesses wishing to establish and grow a profitable retail business.
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What a great morning. The experience, skills and tools on offer were terrific.

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Create Wealth and enjoy Wellbeing – October

John Eales, former Australian rugby union captain was probably the only second row forward who also kicked goals. His range of skills was phenomenal and he was nicknamed Nobody, because “Nobody’s perfect”. In WealthBeing we recognise that almost no-one has all the skills required to run a business successfully – that even the individuals such. Read more

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