Smart Coaching & Training Ltd – Company Profile

Smart Coaching & Training work with high potential individuals and organisations to identify the criteria for and the ways to achieve success. Our team work as catalyst and enabler for transformation to create change, support people and their organisations with forward planning, strategic thinking, developing sustainability, defining and fulfilling objectives. All in a context of practical application and client ownership of the process.


You may be looking for support ranging from creating the best strategy to building great relationships and strong leadership. Encompassing innovation, business or personal growth, communication, soft skills, change management and presentation, we support you using C-me Profiling together with other proven powerful techniques to explore objectives and expectations thus creating compelling, sustainable futures.


It is our aim to support mentors to build credibility, professionalism, and the ability to develop effective, powerful mentoring relationships. You may be working with leaders, teams, individuals or the whole organisation, with companies small and large. You may be looking to connect people, set up mentor matching or engage new mentorships. Smart Coaching & Training will support you to be strong, visionary and effective at maximising talent and opportunities however, and with whomever, you are mentoring.

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