C-Me Colour Profiling


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As an approved Provider to the Association of Business Mentors, Smart Coaching & Training is dedicated to furthering the excellence offered by the ABM in promoting the role of professional mentoring, its place in the business landscape and the benefits to those that experience it.




Each of us has it within us to excel. In our personal lives, our business lives, with colleagues and clients. How can we make sure we achieve that excellence? Through an in-depth understanding of our own strengths, talents and preferences enabling us to make better decisions with confidence, build better relationships, and achieve our goals.


To enhance your mentoring toolkit, Smart Coaching & Training offer a flexible, practical tool, C-me Colour Profiling, which focuses on ‘behaviours’ and ‘preferences’, both natural and learned, rather than personality.


How does C-me Colour Profiling work?


Our actions are driven by our preferences and intentions; others don’t see the intentions, just the results, and their perception and interpretation may be totally different. Using the language of colour C-me focuses on preferred ways of behaving rather than technicalities and psychological perspectives.  Not an either/or, C-me is unique in describing the blend of possibilities within us; the stretch that disturbs our complacencies and ‘taken-for-granteds’. C-me is so easy to apply with your clients, providing a great piece of groundwork upon which to further enrich the mentoring relationship. Mentor and mentee gain valuable insights and powerful realisations that can break through barriers to growth and development.


  • Participants are given an online link to a questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes to complete.
  • The report is generated within 24 hours and sent directly to the participant, mentor or organisation.
  • Mentors can choose to add individual or team debriefing sessions to maximise the impact of the profiles.
  • Workshops with content tailored to your and your clients’ needs and desired outcomes are an excellent way to unpack, embed and forward the learning initiated by the reports.


The C-me Colour Wheel






The C-me Report Graphs











Why use C-me?

  • As a mentor doing your own C-me profile, you will understand how you can communicate most effectively with your mentees.
  • Once your mentee completes their profile you have a picture of how they communicate best, what works for them and what could be better.
  • With this knowledge the mentoring relationship is more powerful and impactful.
  • The information in the report is memorable and accurate – not just a quick insight – most people only use 20% of the information provided by profiles – you can use 80% with your mentees!
  • C-me can speed up understanding and performance
  • It is fun, easy to remember and becomes part of the language – less an academic exercise and more a starting point for extraordinary fun and practical use
  • It leverages value and options for change and enables powerful decision making.



Report Options:

Core – £69 + VAT

Sales – £89 + VAT

High Performance – £99 + VAT

Team – £99 + VAT up to 10 people, £149 + VAT over 10 people

Taking it Deeper – Debrief session [45 mins] – £129 + VAT


There are many ways you can use a C-meTM profile.


It is not the end, but the beginning of the value it can bring you.

It is the ‘departure lounge’ rather than the ‘arrivals hall’.

Where will you choose to journey?


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