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The launch of the ABM Assessment Centre

The launch was Thursday 6th 2018 December at the Business and IP Centre, British Library KX.

The format of the day was

  • A challenging panel interview with Professor David Clutterbuck and our Accreditation Officer Gaby Marcon Clarke
  • An observed recorded mentoring session with a business owner from the British Library’s Innovate for Growth program

Applicants including myself had to submit information covering our business and mentoring experience, niches and areas of expertise, case studies and a reflective piece on why we mentor.

Post assessment we had to submit a reflection on the mentoring session and the business owner had to complete immediate feedback for the panel.

What a fantastic process. What did it do for me?


  • reinforced the experience, achievements and wonderful businesses I have worked with over the years
  •  revisited how I use all that experience to support others and get results
  • checked my credibility
  • ensured that my personal development is what it should be
  • challenged my future path and annihilated any complacency
  • recharged my passion for what I do

On top of all that I hung out with some great mentors, answered some terrific questions raised by some very impressive people and I know that some defining feedback is on its way, as well as HOPEFULLY a confirmation that I can carry the hallmark of ABM Professional Coach Mentor – I shall let the world know if that is the case!

This was the launch and there are a few areas that need a tweak, however this is a no brainer experience for any mentor operating out there, especially one who is embracing the CCM movement.

You should be up for it. Do it!

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