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Andy Hartley

Andy Hartley

ABM Ambassador - North

I learnt the business essentials and the value of strategic planning and people development in a progressive, high growth manufacturing business. After 17 years I took the plunge and set up my own business.

This grew to £5m / 50 people over 8 years, but the market then changed & we had to downsize. Eventually I exited, joining one of the purchasers on an 'earn out'. I helped them refine their strategy and double in size.

After my earn out period I set up again delivering strategic planning, coaching, peer boards and team development. Thankfully this enterprise has thrived, and I continue to help some amazing people to start and grow their dreams.

I have been mentoring and coaching professionally for 15 years. I find it highly rewarding to be part of a business owner's or senior team's journey towards success. I am still learning about the best way to coach and mentor and find sharing issues and opportunities with others in the sector very beneficial in improving my practice.  And without a doubt I am still constantly amazed by the drive, resilience, and creativity of the leaders I work with.

My particular expertise is helping to test early-stage business concepts or develop winning strategies to support established businesses to grow. Often then working hard alongside the leader through the ups and downs of implementation, mentoring them through action planning, performance monitoring and people development.

My personal philosophy is to carefully support, challenge and stretch clients as needed. I 'coach' first, share what I have learnt from other businesses and then advise as a last resort. Because I know the best ideas are already in the people I work with.