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Why MPs need mentors by Malcolm Durham

I’m sure you’re as heartily fed up of Brexit as I am right now. It’s inevitable that long negotiations sap our strength especially when we can’t see an end. I have also found that all deals of any complexity are off at least once so the current impasse doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me. Read more Read more

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Mentoring Brexit – Kerrie Dorman COO of the Association of Business Mentors

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The voting result to leave the European Union on the 23rd June has caused a complete change in government; supposed business unease and disruption as well as friendship and family feuds.

We are still in the anticipation of an exit. It hasn’t happened yet. Theresa May is quite rightly, settling in as our new Prime Minister before instigating the next step: Triggering Article 50 which is not likely to happen until 2017 post considering all the options prior to the negotiation with Europe. Obviously her Brexiteer team will be all over this!

Where does this position us as professional business mentors?

It seems the doom and gloom has lifted a little after record revenues in certain sectors over the summer months. There has been many an article on not to panic and seizing the opportunities as well as articles stating the move out of Europe is highly detrimental on many levels. The fact is the situation is not a ‘one size fits all’ opportunities can be immediate and obvious Effects

As professional business mentors our role is very much to ease the pain and gain clarity on options and their outcomes. Now is very much a time to be engaging with current and previous clients to make sure they remain ahead of the curve. I can’t believe there are many practicing mentors who have first hand experience in anything like this unless they come from a country that we are about to simulate – Norway perhaps but then they didn’t have to navigate an exit. This means we need to draw upon all our knowledge and insight from working with people and their businesses, removing blinkers, identifying the options to capitalise on as well as avoid by discussing, exploring and making informed decisions.

Perhaps now is prime time to;

– consider collaboration or a merge?
– catch talent recently let go elsewhere
– invest to capture domestic market
– cutting losses and getting out of the game
– simply crack on guns a-blazing

Mentors should be providing the support to get ahead of the curve and look beyond the short term volatility, not just to focus on survival (lets not forget though some sectors have had a mini boom e.g tourism and hospitality) but position for long term gains and sustainable growth. Our exports are now at their most attractive due to the weak pound.

Watch out for..

1. Government support – on one hand there could be less money around if a recession hits (less taxes more unemployment benefit) but May could look to support small business. Seeing as this concept helped re-energise growth, employment and innovation in a big way via Growth Accelerator and latterly in the Business Growth Service I suggest this would be a smart move. ERDF funds will need to be replaced to some degree. We will be lobbying government on behalf of our members.
2. A Fall in consumer spending could impact on revenues of small businesses – which provides a greater need for mentors but restricted cash flow may cloud views on ability to pay for necessary advice – hence the need to articulate the value of mentoring for SMEs
3. The situation is an opportunity for ABM to target new government and shout loud and clear about credible mentoring and the detriments of poor advice – we are on it!

To finish on a highly positive note the vote to leave the EU provided an impact on consumer spending which has driven recovery so far. Last indications were that it was holding up, in fact Office of National Spending August 2016 reported the fastest upward trend in spending in two years. Our members will be making sure their clients are part of this story.

The Association of Business Mentors is a credibility platform for Business Mentors who have been there done it and have proved they can Mentor effectively. Bring in regulation.

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My Trip to the Palace

It was with great delight that I read the email which landed my inbox from The Department of Business Innovation and Skills – BIS – informing me that I had been nominated for an invite to Buckingham Palace, for one of the three Garden Parties this Spring/Summer. There is also one held at Balmoral. The. Read more

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Case Study – by Isla Baliszewska, ABM Mentor

Business overview Lynette has a background in tailoring and worked in the IT industry in videoconferencing and software; an intrinsic part of her roles being the customer experience. She founded Tailored For You to create unique and individually-made beautifully tailored bespoke suits based on sophisticated scanner technology. Isla started mentoring Lynette under the Rural Business. Read more

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Monthly Mentor Profile – April/May 2015

Hayley Erner How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? I worked in my family’s Manufacturing and Importing Diamond Jewellers since leaving school. We retailed and wholesaled and had as many as 70 people employed at it’s most successful. I never really enjoyed the business, but it was the path I went down and when I. Read more

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Monthly Mentor Profile – February 2015

Christine Butenuth How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? Having run our own business for over ten years I felt that it was time to help colleagues who wished to start a business, knowing the difficulties someone can have when setting one up. Strange to say, this is especially so for those who have degrees. Read more

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Monthly Mentor Profile – December 2014

Chris Dowling How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? I started mentoring over two years ago when I met up with Let’s Do Business who are based in Hastings. I worked with them on a voluntary basis to help with their delivery of the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) – a government programme to support people. Read more

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Chris Dowling

Monthly Mentor Profile – July 2014

Steve Currie How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? Originally a management accountant by profession, I moved into general management and reached board level, then after 20 years started my own business, in 2002. Since then I have gained a teaching qualification and I am now a sessional lecturer for local colleges. My mentoring started. Read more

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Steve Currie

Monthly Mentor Profile – May 2014

Martin Samuel How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? After a successful career as an Accountant, I want to do 2 things. Develop a portfolio of business advice activities, and to give something back and help others. The mentoring satisfies both of these criteria. I started providing business mentoring under the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA). Read more

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Monthly Mentor Profile – April 2014

Daryl Woodhouse CEO Advantage Business Partnerships Limited   How did you start Mentoring/Providing Business Support? During a career working in the banking, finance sector advising SMEs on their business growth strategy, and working in senior leadership roles up to national level in a corporate organisation, I realised that mentoring and helping businesses to grow was. Read more

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