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Malcolm Durham member and author of WealthBeing

Malcolm Durham

It’s been some six years since I invented Simon Michael Evans, David Lewis’ personification of the heroes of our economy, those who run SMEs. My intention has been to relate current events to the trials and tribulations of our group and to provide either useful lessons or light relief; and, on a good day, both.. Read more Read more

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2018 Business Mentoring Conference

The 2018 Business Mentoring Conference in London took place on 30th April. The event was held at the NatWest Conference Centre just off Bishopsgate in London and it was great to see that so many of you were able to attend.

The conference delivered against the backdrop of these uncertain yet exciting times, where innovation and entrepreneurship with the right guidance can thrive. This was presented as something to celebrate.

Our keynote speakers provided thought-provoking and practical insights to take back into our mentoring. And the interactive sessions provided the opportunity to learn tangible skills and techniques to improve our practice. As always, there was also the invaluable opportunity to connect with and learn from others in our field

Chris Harding spoke motivationally on ‘The Rapidly Changing World’, explaining how he helps his clients not only to navigate but also to gain momentum and take the advantage in today’s fast-moving climate. The widely-respected Julie Starr shared her in-depth knowledge of ‘high impact mentoring’, revisiting some core principles and opening up new perspectives.

Interactive sessions were taken by:

The Agile Business Consortium with Geoff Ellingham – Key Agile concepts and how to apply them in coaching.

C-Me Profiling with Isla Baliszewska – Techniques to equip teams and individuals to maximise opportunities and personal growth.

AQR International with Doug Strycharczyk – Mental Toughness, how the MTQ Plus framework can help mentors understand why their clients behave the way they do.

Harrow Mentoring with Omasta-Milsom – Key insights in the development and evolvement of mentoring programmes.

Entrepreneurial Spark with Gayle Mann – Detailing how this NatWest integrated initiative is exploring ways to prepare entrepreneurs for industry 4.0 – we all need to be clued up.

The Q&As were another highlight. Nick Howe from NatWest gave his fascinating insider view of how our national bank is planning for the short to medium term.

The Association of Business Mentors would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who took part and made it such a success. A special thanks to our sponsors: Mentoring Harrow and Natwest.

Were you there?

Please feel free to add your thoughts on this year’s conference.

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Create Wealth and Enjoy Wellbeing

As WealthBeing says, it’s inevitable that things will go wrong with your product or service. But that’s not a problem in growing a business, so long as you deal with it well. Software is less “buggy” than it was. But nowadays everything tries to connect with everything else and this is where a lot of. Read more

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Northern Conference 2017 is launched!

Sponsored by BOOST, CB Partners and Orvia The Northern Conference includes three keynote speakers providing insights into industry activity and mentoring moving forward. Updates on schemes, initiatives by CB Partners and Ovia as well plans for the ABM. This event will provide a great networking opportunity to mix with like professionals and leaders in the. Read more

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London Conference 2017 – thank you!

We would like to say a big thank you to to everyone who attended the 3rd Annual ABM Conference on the 14th March 2017.  It was a fantastic day and we enjoyed seeing you all. We would like to say a special thank you to all our sponsors, workshop experts and supporters including;    

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Speed Mentoring Event – FREE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS

Speed Mentoring Event London Business Mentoring Conference, British Library, 14th March 2.45 – 5pm   Access to the UK’s most credible Business Mentors A successful showcase; what works and why Five fifteen minute one to one sessions with Mentors of your choice   Expertise: Operations, Strategy, Innovation and IP, Sales, Marketing, Access to Finance, General. Read more

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My Trip to the Palace

It was with great delight that I read the email which landed my inbox from The Department of Business Innovation and Skills – BIS – informing me that I had been nominated for an invite to Buckingham Palace, for one of the three Garden Parties this Spring/Summer. There is also one held at Balmoral. The. Read more

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Case Study – by Isla Baliszewska, ABM Mentor

Business overview Lynette has a background in tailoring and worked in the IT industry in videoconferencing and software; an intrinsic part of her roles being the customer experience. She founded Tailored For You to create unique and individually-made beautifully tailored bespoke suits based on sophisticated scanner technology. Isla started mentoring Lynette under the Rural Business. Read more

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