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    The launch of the ABM Assessment Centre

    The launch was Thursday 6th 2018 December at the Business and IP Centre, British Library KX. The format of the day was A challenging panel interview with Professor David Clutterbuck and our Accreditation Officer Gaby Marcon Clarke An observed recorded mentoring session with a business owner from the British Library’s Innovate for Growth program Applicants. Read more Read more

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    Approved Member

    Name:Gaby Marcon Clarke
    Address:7 The Avenue
    N3 2lb
    Tel:020 83432520 Mob 07711 262649
    Expertise:Pr, Sales & Marketing, Access To Finance, Growth Specialist, People & Hr


    After more than 20 years spent in Management & Marketing/PR for the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector, I co-founded and developed Shine P&P to offer business mentoring and management development services. Since then Shine has been promoting the value of coach/mentoring as an effective, low-cost and flexible business tool that taps into the existing human resources of any organisation, through designing and implementing mentoring programmes, training mentors and promoting mentoring software.

    During my years at the helm of Shine and SMEs, I learned that believing in yourself and in your business idea is the key to your success and that perseverance is mother to your achievements. Even more importantly, I learned that to find an answer to the question: “Why are you doing what you are doing?” is of paramount importance to a lasting and innovative organization.

    In the words of the brilliant Simon Sinek: “.. if you don’t know why, you can’t know how..” . You may already be successful however, just because your business works it does not make it right. You may resort to yet more aspirational messages or drop your prices even further to lure your customers, but that does not mean you will get their loyalty. Finding the answers to why you are selling your product or service; why customers are buying from one company instead of another or what makes them loyal is fundamental for any business.

    I make my business that of helping people finding the answer to their ‘why’ questions. This is the hallmark of my approach as a business coach/mentor and this is what stands me apart from my colleagues.

    I specialize in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector where I accumulated a wealth of experience and contacts. I am trusted by my clients as well as my colleagues and peers. I am comfortable with strategic thinking as well as the practical details. I deliver consistent results through an honest and open communication and my ability to motivate and inspire.


    SFEDI Level 3
    Certificate in Coach/Mentoring for Performance

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