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    The launch of the ABM Assessment Centre

    The launch was Thursday 6th 2018 December at the Business and IP Centre, British Library KX. The format of the day was A challenging panel interview with Professor David Clutterbuck and our Accreditation Officer Gaby Marcon Clarke An observed recorded mentoring session with a business owner from the British Library’s Innovate for Growth program Applicants. Read more Read more

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    Approved Member

    Name:Chris Harding
    Address:Central Court
    25 Southampton Buildings
    Wc2a 1al
    Tel:020 3178 5100 / 07802 331 830
    Expertise:Sales & Marketing, Growth Specialist, Operations, People & Hr, Information Technology, Business, Finance
    Rate:Every situation is unique so let's talk and see what makes sense.


    An experienced business architect with a track record for getting things done in an effective and collaborative way.

    Chris' success in large part stems from understanding people, combined with a broad know-how and a deep insight into how everything is connected in business. He has a track record for resolving complex business problems, pragmatically and innovatively, delivering client-focused solutions and enhancing business processes and the bottom line.

    Chris started his career in banking as a lowly clerk. His structured approach to problem solving eventually landed him an opportunity on the trading-floor as a junior business-support-guy in a fast changing business startup. He quickly demonstrated an ability to create team alignment and simplify complex challenges across functions front to back.

    Mentored by some world-class entrepreneurs, they grew and improved the business over 13 years and more responsibility followed. Chris eventually became the global Chief Operating Officer of that highly successful FX, Derivatives & Money Market division at Credit Suisse.

    His next challenge as Fixed Income COO at ABN Amro Asset Management took things to a whole new level of complexity - architecting the integration of two companies with very different cultures and aspirations - made harder by a dysfunctional outsourced operation and very few world class systems in place – not to mention the human dynamic of uncertainty.

    Following that assignment and inspired by The e Myth (Michael Gerber) Chris set out to apply his know how to solve the ridiculous 80% failure rate amongst small and medium sized companies that represent 60% of the UK GDP and 50% of households who rely on SME success for their livelihood.

    He has developed an approach that got him tagged as “a new breed of business mentor...who brings out the best in people and sets them on a pathway to success”. It's an approach that transforming companies from the inside out at it works every time....with people who are ready.

    His success in large part stems from 20+ years in corporate followed by ten years of obsessing about what really holds back people and organisations and how to inspire and facilitate a path to more exciting, successful and fulfilling possibilities for all of those who are brave enough to start and grow a company.


    30 years hands on experience in companies large and small driving strategic change, growth and innovation.

    WSI certified digital marketing expert

    5 Testimonials

    1. When I first approach Chris, to be honest I was not sure what to expect. I was starting a business for the first time, and realised that whilst I had some ideas and technical know-how, there was a whole process and cycle that I did not understand. The issue was bringing to life what I had in mind.

      My initial conversations with Chris were constructive and focused as we worked out what it is I required, and how he could best deliver it. From the first session, Chris helped me identify something that was absolutely crucial… he helped me express what was actually different about the service I wanted to provide. USP maybe a business buzz word, but for a startup, it is essential you know how you differ from the services around you. Chris provided a deep insight in to my competitor businesses, and helped me focus on what was practical and viable to deliver… and more importantly what was not.

      Our sessions have always followed that theme. Chris has really brought to life the vision I had. He has given it a structure, helping me to create a stable, and sensible, foundation. From practical tips on running sales processes (including how to approach pitches) to what and how I need to manage my day to day objectives, Chris has opened my eyes to what a business needs to succeed, and where the points of failure lay ahead for me specifically. He is very thoughtful in his approach, not reacting to a situation, but methodically picking it apart. In the hectic and sometimes non-stop life of a business owner, he provides a calm and mapped out approach.

      I look forward to continuing my work with Chris, but also have enjoyed his personable and genuine approach. I wish him nothing but the best of success

      I made more progress in 3 hours with Chris than in 6 sessions with another coach.

    2. Dominic Beecheno - Growth Accelerator says:

      I’ve met hundreds of consultants and mentors, but Chris stands out of the crowd by a long way. He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. He doesn’t just do things well, he does them extraordinarily well and this is a trait he instils in his clients. Don’t be average, be amazing! ​

      He is a new breed of mentor/consultant who is able to leave their ego at the door and challenge and support clients to continually refine their way of doing business and improve themselves as people along the way to business success.

      Chris’ presentations are also captivating as he is a great storyteller. I’m privileged to be able to know and recommend him to my clients.

    3. Chris is an amazing Mentor and Business Coach. I have witnessed him in action unlocking transformational thinking across all levels in businesses. He commands respect but is humble, open and appreciative of where individuals, teams and whole businesses are on their journey.

      On a personal level, he continues to open up my mind to new possibilities every day. He’s a super-connector and amazingly ethical, authentic and committed to building capability and working on TEAM.

      If you work with Chris he will champion your personal growth as well as helping you plot the pathway to success for you business. Don’t just think about it, do get in touch with him, you won’t regret it for a moment.

    4. Chris is a fantastic communicator and brilliant at taking an idea from inception to something tangible.

      He understands business and has infectious enthusiasm and passion, especially for the tech space. He has helped Global {M} grow into a strategic brand in the tech recruitment space, using data to help us gain competitive advantages as well as grow a high performing team.

    5. ​I have been working with Chris for the last 8 months. I had always been wary of business coaches as I have a low tolerance for business jargon and not being listened to! Chris is totally different. He has the ability to listen and really quickly understands the culture of your business and where you are trying to head. His advice is forward thinking, encouraging but based on sound financial modelling. He cares, is a great mentor and a nice guy without the jargon. Actually a bit of a miracle worker! I would definitely recommend him.

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