Membership Overview


Mentoring within a work scheme -Work place mentors

Professional full time mentors – Full membership, minimum 2 years experience.

Thinking about and new to mentoring – Affiliate membership.


Appropriate application forms available to download and print:

Work Place Membership

Full Membership

Affiliate Membership

Membership Fees

  • One off Joining/Set Up  fee £50 
  • Work Place: £100 p/a  or £8.50 p/m  (no set up fee applicable)
  • Full: £150 p/a  or £45 per quarter via Go Cardless
  • Affiliate: £100 p/a or £25 per quarter via Go Cardless


What happens next?

  • Applications are processed by the office, references checked where applicable. Once completed we let you know via e-mail to pay either by one off or standing order.
  • When received, a welcome e-mail will be sent from the office with necessary log-ins and instructions.
  • Approximate turnaround from 48hrs – one week for completion of membership.



For Mentors

The ABM operates as a trade body providing a credibility platform for professional business mentors in the UK and Ireland. We provide some key member benefits for a network of high level mentors who meet and collaborate regularly. Our application process is stringent and thorough, providing business owner’s reassurance that engaging with an ABM mentor means they are in the very best of hands. However, even though we do receive enquiries and opportunities the ABM is not a pipeline for business.

Members are joining to prove they are professional in an arena flooded with unqualified providers of guidance and advice and to support the cause to protect and promote CREDIBLE business mentoring.

What it means to Mentees

By choosing an ABM member as mentors, clients feel totally assured that they have engaged with a professional who has been through a stringent application procedure which includes signing up to a firm code of standard and ethics.

Should a situation arise where delivery for whatever reason is not acceptable the client has a committee to lodge a complaint with. This procedure, unused to date, provides reassurance.