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The launch of the ABM Assessment Centre

The launch was Thursday 6th 2018 December at the Business and IP Centre, British Library KX. The format of the day was A challenging panel interview with Professor David Clutterbuck and our Accreditation Officer Gaby Marcon Clarke An observed recorded mentoring session with a business owner from the British Library’s Innovate for Growth program Applicants. Read more Read more

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Where are Mrs Mays’ Mentors?

Whilst digesting the new state of play in UK politics over the weekend with many thought provoking articles, radio and television programmes it struck me that our Prime Minister can not have a Mentor(s). If she does then she needs to replace them!
The art of mentoring provides guidance and hindsight on a path previously trodden which in my opinion is paramount when taking on the role of running a country and calling a general election. The problem is, I imagine Mrs May our Prime Minister could possibly perceive this as seeking ‘help’ and like so many arrogant others in positions of high levels of responsibility see this as weakness.
In fact had she taken a humble moment or two to she would have gained some insight as to how to run her office at number Ten which by all accounts was appalling and begs to ask the question ‘If you can’t ensure the smooth efficient running of your office what hope do you have with a country?’
Great leaders take into consideration what has and has not worked previously, perhaps add a personal ingredient to a working formula but most importantly they understand how to extract the best from different charachters with a variety of expertise not create an arena breeding discontent, u-turn policy decisions and poor planning. Pre-empting the defensive responses; delegation not abdication. The buck stops with you Mrs May.
My advice as a Professional Business Mentor is to lay the ‘know it all’ attitude aside, become inquisitive with your predecessors, leaders in Industry and wrap the hindsight you get from them into your plan of action whilst listening to and remaining aware of your full team around you and then stick to that plan.
Is there a Mentoring scheme in the house of commons?

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