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How to generate more sales

Having mentored a number of entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses, one of the questions I am most often asked is; “What is the best way to increase sales or get more clients?” My specialism is in online marketing. I believe that getting your website to work harder for your business is one the. Read more Read more

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New Year tips to help your website rank better on Google

Happy New Year from us all at Peritus Digital. Our first blog of the year will help you identify the steps that will help your website to rank better on Google

Keyword research
You need to know what your customers are actually searching for on Google. We have worked with clients who think that just because that is the way they search for things on Google that is the way everyone does it.

Ideally, you will be able to focus on the main keyword your prospective clients use and optimise your website for it.

Ensure that you use easy to read and relevant URLs

Google’s bots spiders will come to your website in order to try and understand what your website is all about.It is therefore important that your content is easily understood and that the content that’s on there in a readable format. The bots will need to understand images and visuals that you may have on your page in a way that they are going to be able to put into their web index.

Carry out your own research as to what Google believes the best websites are for your keywords

Carry out your own search engine ranking position investigation. Type a search query into Google, see what sires are recommended, and then try to understand what Google believes to be relevant to the keywords searches. Try and put yourself into Google’s shoes and think about the content that will answer this searcher’s quest. From this, you can try and imagine the type of content that is required, and whatever the missing pieces might be. If you can find areas that are not being served by your competitors at the moment, you may well stand a chance of climbing up the ladder.

Make a title and meta description that answers your keyword search

Choosing a relevant URL to the searchers’ inquiry together with a well written and relevant meta description can really help your site rank better. Google often uses the entire meta description when indexing your site over your competitors. It is therefore exceptionally important that this is well written and highly relevant to your searchers.

Write your pages content to answer your users’ search query in your target keyword

The content of your page should be highly relevant to your target keyword. Think about the best possible experience that your person landing on your website will receive, the more positive and relevant it is, the more likely they will have a positive experience and Google will have done its job well.

Ensure that your website loads fast and looks good

The security and load times of your website are important if you are considering investing in SEO for your website, have you upgraded to an https:// yet? If not we would suggest that you do so as Google will take this into account when suggesting websites to its searchers.

Get help with broadcasting the content of your website

Who are the main movers and shakers within your industry? Can you build a relationship with them to help you broadcast your website’s content to a broader audience can you help them to share your content with their audience and readers.

If you carry out all this your website will continue to improve its ranking performance in 2018 which will hopefully bring in more business and create a profitable New Year for all!

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