95% of thinking is done in the subconscious and we all have unique perspectives on the scenarios we face. Consequently, when you observe the action that someone takes, it’s really the end of a rapid process – most of which is hidden beneath the surface.

Your clients’ actions are being driven by factors that you simply don’t know. The trouble is, in the absence of that knowledge, we create our own narrative to explain what we have observed. We all do this – it’s called using our best judgement or, on some occasions, we are guilty of jumping to conclusions.

Learn how to build your cognitive understanding and how to help your clients make better decisions.

Key takeaways:

· Learn the 5 Step Decision making process that takes us from cause to effect

· Learn about the 3 Dimensions of Value that we all use when evaluating any given scenario

· Learn about the importance of cognitive diversity in teams

The webinar “5 Steps to Help your Clients Make Better Decisions” will help you:

· Tune in to appreciate the thinking behind the behaviours of your clients

· Become aware of the 3 decision drivers that underpin decision making

· Take the first step on a path to improve the quality of your clients’ decision making


30-minute presentation, 15-minute plenary Q&A

About Andrea Burns

With a background in leading teams and business development across the IT, Training and Engineering sectors, Andrea is dedicated to improving employee engagement, driving improved human capital and business results. As a leadership and productivity expert, Executive Leadership Coach, Master Coach and Director of Catapult Solutions Ltd and Axiometrics Partners Europe Ltd and senior Associate of GPSgoaltrak, Andrea understands the pressures and dynamics facing Leadership today. A passionate advocate of Axiology – the science of value – Andrea uses its insights to help organisations create the culture required to deliver their vision through the attraction, retention and development of their people. She has successfully used the broad Axiometrics™ toolset (based on the work of Research Philosopher Dr. Robert S. Hartman) to deliver performance improvement for individuals and businesses. 

Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn.

Andrea Burns,

Culture and Values Development Director, Catapult Solutions Ltd

Certified MasterMind Executive Coach, LMEC

Master Coach

Certified Axiological Analyst

[email protected]


+44 (0) 7961 178919

+44 (0) 0845 241 5459

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