ABM Webinar – How to achieve peak performance – Dr Carlton Brown

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Date(s) - Wed, 16th, Oct
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


via Zoom – https://zoom.us/j/3949851857


ABM Director, Dr Carlton Brown, will host a webinar on “How to achieve peak performance” as part of his book launch on the subject in October.

The webinar looks at the role that organisational culture can have (both positive and negative) on the people and the performance of an organisation. Carlton will share new insights and understanding around organisational culture and give participants a greater understanding of the factors that influence behaviours and mindsets.


Synopsis of “Achieving peak sales performance for optimal business value and sustainability” – to be published in October 2019

The past fifty-Five years has not seen a universal shift in the capacity and capability of salespeople ability to sell. There is still a characteristically disproportionately high percentage of those engaged in selling who cannot sell and this is a serious cause for concern for businesses, practitioners, sales managers and industry leaders today, as it has an adverse impact on growth, revenues and profitability.

What has not changed today within professional selling, is that salespeople and sales teams are still plagued by this systemic and structural problem of underachievement, recent studies have shown that up to sixty-three per cent (63%) of salespeople are failing to deliver their targets on a consistent basis.

Sales peak performance optimisation and sustainability takes a look at those factors that can influence, shape and optimise sales peak performance within an organisation. This book challenges conventional thinking  and looks at performance as a fully integrated and interdependent set of factors, that when blended together in an optimal way, give rise to peak performance