Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

1           Terms and abbreviations

1.1               “Articles” means the Articles of Association of ABM for the time being.

1.2               “ABM” means Association of Business Mentors

1.3               “ABM Logo” means the identification logo of ABM as appears on this page

1.4               “The Board” means the Board of Directors of ABM in accordance with the Articles

1.5               “Code of Ethics” means the ABM code of ethics as amended from time to time

1.6               “Disciplinary Procedure” means the ABM disciplinary procedure as amended from time to time

1.7               “Member” means a fully paid up Member of ABM in accordance with the Articles


2                     Best Practice

2.1               Members shall conduct their business in a professional1 manner and will not engage in practices which would be damaging to the image of the business mentor market or the clients of it.

2.2               Members shall promote and maintain ethical2 standards of conduct and at all times deal fairly and honestly with all parties.

2.3               Members shall ensure that they display the ABM Logo on their website, letters, forms and other paperwork at all times, as soon as practicably possible.

2.4               Members should have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance.

2.5               Members should use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that clients are fully conversant with the mentoring process.


3                     Service Levels

3.1               Members must have clear written terms of business.

3.2               Members must have written procedures in place for handling complaints that is available on demand.


4                     Information on Fees

Members must provide clear information on fees charged by themselves, their business and their representatives before any contract is entered into or Mentoring has begun.


5                     Confidentiality

Members will take all reasonable precautions to keep clients information private and confidential.

Members must return to the client on demand any written information or other materials.

Members will use client information solely for the purpose of advising that client, and not exploit it or otherwise apply it in any way.

Members will restrict access to information to those responsible employees and partners whose knowledge is essential for assessment and evaluation for the purpose of mentoring.

The above undertakings do not apply to any information which is in the public domain or is already in the possession of ABM or which subsequently becomes known to Members independently.


6                     Information to ABM

Members shall supply such information to ABM as may be reasonably requested by the Board.  In particular Members will complete a “statistics sheet” (in the form determined by the Board from time to time) in order for the ABM to compile statistics.


7                     Update Members Profile

The Member is responsible for keeping their profile on the ABM website up-to-date.


8                     Compliance

  1. Members must at all times comply with the Code of Ethics (as amended from time to time by the Disciplinary and Membership Committee (as defined in the Articles)).
  2. A Member’s failure to comply with the Code of Conduct will be dealt with at the discretion of the Disciplinary and Membership Committee in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure.

Edition: January 2014 


qualified, trained, skilled, expert, experienced, finished, skilled, masterly, efficient, polished, practised, accomplished, competent, adept, proficient

2Ethics  plural noun

moral code, standards, principles, morals, conscience, morality, moral values, moral principles, moral philosophy, rules of conduct; Collins Thesaurus

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