Mentors and business coaches benefit from outsourced support

I’m Rebecca Newenham from Get Ahead, a business support agency with offices around the UK. As a business owner myself, I know that working alone is a huge privilege but it can also be tough. In the eleven years since I founded Get Ahead, I’ve noticed that business mentors and coaches are often so busy giving excellent support to others that they neglect their own businesses.

In this blog, I take a closer look at working alone through good times and bad, and introduce you to my business and how we support mentors and coaches who work alone.

The advantages of working for yourself

There are many advantages of working for ourselves. We have the freedom to make decisions, and we can base them on our own knowledge and experience. We can work flexibly and keep our careers and lives in balance. We can choose our projects and clients and build up expertise in whatever area interests us most. Because we have no direct reports, we don’t have to manage staff performance, pay or pensions. Above all, no one tells us what to do, so we have complete autonomy.

However, working alone can get lonely. It may be OK when the going is good, but if we experience a busy period or a problem arises, even the toughest of business owners may see the cracks appearing.

It’s times like this when it can help to have the support of other people.

The advantages of having a team around you

Few of us can manage to work completely alone. It’s important to have people we can call on if we’re over-stretched, or who can bring that vital sense of proportion when we’re overwhelmed. Some business owners employ an in-house team, but for many coaches and mentors, outsourcing is a better solution.

In the traditional team model, the business owner shares an office with their team members, or at least communicates with them on a daily basis. These teams are often friends as well as colleagues, bringing not only workplace efficiency but also the social side of working together.

However, the internet and remote working both provide us with new opportunities. Some coaches and mentors now have teams who work quietly in the background, delivering regular marketing communications or managing the email inbox. These team members have bags of self-motivation and initiative, and need very little input.  All business owners see is the great results.

Other teams are somewhere in the middle, working remotely but able to provide moral support too.

Get Ahead - the best of both worlds

If you feel you would benefit from having some more support, but don’t want to surrender the advantages of working for yourself, Get Ahead could have the answer. Our virtual experts can support you in almost any aspect of your business, from finance to marketing, social media to Zoom. Handpicked by us and among the best in their respective fields, they can help you get on top of your workload and feel more in control. And because they’re all freelancers, you won’t have any HR headaches to deal with.

Working with virtual experts leaves you with complete flexibility – we can deliver as many hours as you need. We believe in both quality and affordability so you can be confident you’ll get the right support for your needs and budget.

Business support for mentors and coaches

We work with business coaches, life coaches and mentors up and down the country, providing support at a variety of levels. Visit our website to find out how Get Ahead could help you. Alternatively, give us a call on 01483 332 220 – we’d love to hear from you.

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