Guest blog by ABM Fellow Chelsey Baker, Chief Executive and Founder of National Mentoring Day

UNITED (adj) affiliated; unanimous; together; undivided; like-minded; aligned.

2023 is a very exciting year for National Mentoring Day. As the largest celebration of mentoring approaches on 27th October, we are delighted to announce our new hero message that encapsulates everything we do at National Mentoring Day and where our focus is for the future: UNITED IN MENTORING!

Collaborative mentoring leads to better outcomes. We know people are more likely to take calculated risks that lead to innovation and success if they have the support of a great mentor behind them. By being UNITED IN MENTORING you can continue to strengthen your relationships to encourage personal growth and inclusion. Unity creates a sense of belonging and increases well-being for both parties.

Research shows that 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and developed greater confidence; empowerment is pivotal to self-development, performance, commitment and work satisfaction.

Unitedly we cooperate, contribute, and embrace the talent of others, supporting visions and achieving goals in tandem. Mentors and mentees alike, we are stronger when we are together. Unity is empowering, and for the greater good fosters a more inclusive and equitable society.

The four founding pillars of National Mentoring Day 

Now is the time to get united and reflect on your mentoring progress and achievements, and collectively raise the voice of mentoring. The four founding pillars of National Mentoring Day are to celebrate, connect, educate, and support mentors and mentees.

CELEBRATE your mentoring achievements, milestones, and success over the past year. Thank those who have made a difference in your life, work, or career. However, you choose to CELEBRATE, we have all the resources you need to celebrate YOUR National Mentoring Day.

CONNECT with others, past and present. Connecting through mentoring is what drives your professional growth and wellbeing, building empathy and self-esteem. It is togetherness that matters, and together we are stronger. Nurture and build strong relationships through collaboration. Network via the official hashtag #NationalMentoringDay.  

Education helps us to learn, upskill and grow. We are all able to be better at mentoring by sharing our knowledge, tools, and resources with others. By showcasing our successes, we can EDUCATE and model best practice in mentoring. Let’s EDUCATE on the benefits of mentoring and give others the opportunity to make an impact with their mentoring.

We are passionate about supporting and championing your mentoring efforts and this is our foundation for giving. SUPPORT is the cornerstone to success. Enrich your mentoring by uplifting others with active listening, empathy, and guidance and show support to others who may be embarking on their mentoring journey.

How to get involved

Are you ready for the greatest celebration of mentoring? Visit the National Mentoring Day website and download the FREE ‘Get Involved Guide’ for plenty of ideas and resources on how to amplify YOUR mentoring. 

Get Involved!

Start celebrating in the weeks leading up to the big day and promote your involvement. Commit to the ‘Mentoring Ask’ and mentor someone on or around the 27th of October. Let’s get UNITED IN MENTORING to bring people and businesses together making mentoring more accessible to those who need it.

Wishing you all a successful National Mentoring Day.

'Why don’t you have a business mentor?' - Georgina Waite, ABM CEO

The ABM is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of business mentoring and the impact it has on UK business growth. By discussing the value and outcomes of mentoring, we can all encourage business leaders and owners to consider how mentoring can impact their business success. 

So, get involved with National Mentoring Day, showcase your passion for mentoring and remember to tag the ABM on any social media activity!

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