Was starting your business a bit of a love story?  And have you found, just like with true love, that the thing you love is not always loveable?

Your relationship with your business can be a bit LOVE/HATE; you do not always like it, but you should always love it. If you are not passionate about it you would not keep coming back day-after-day – particularly when your business has the potential to give you the best, or the worst, day of your life.

So, how does working with a professional Business Mentor have an impact on this on-again/off-again love story?

 The Truth About Business Mentoring

Think of a Business Mentor as a Matchmaker, an Agony Aunt or a Marriage Guidance Counsellor (maybe a combination of all three?), but their specialism, and professionalism, is BUSINESS.

So, your ideal Business Mentor will have:

•           Run their own business

•           Run a business just like yours

•           Have a set of credible case studies and testimonials, and

•           Be the right fit (is the ‘chemistry’ right?)

 You may have a mentor that doesn’t fit these criteria but supports you in other ways – inspiration, a role model etc. That is absolutely fine – as long as you do not only rely on them to guide you in making decisions about your business.

 For those decisions, you really need a professional BUSINESS Mentor.

 Here Are Nine Ways a Business Mentor will Make an Impact on Your Business

1. You struggle to do everything in the hours you have, to stay disciplined and to prioritise

Your problem is not keeping busy; your problem is you have too many things you want (and need) to do. It is a struggle to decide what to do first – and you may not have anyone but yourself to keep you accountable.

But you still keep going.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will enable you to focus and prioritise They will challenge your assumptions about what, and how, things should be done in your business.

2. You think, “I have to…” instead of, “I want to…”

You love your business and, like peeling an onion, there are layers upon layers of new and exciting discoveries as well as skills and techniques to lean and develop. If you are doing something you do not love it’s also like an onion – full of tears.

The Impact? A Business mentor will help you identify what you should be doing – and what you should be delegating or outsourcing to others.

3. You are not always sure about what to say, or how you will say it

You know your business fulfils a need and it is something your target customers want – because you see examples of them buying elsewhere, but you are not 100% sure about what to say to make them want to buy it from you.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will work with you to develop your key message. They will help you develop your marketing strategy, so your customers hear your message loud and clear.

4. You are not entirely sure who your customers are

You are doing all the ‘right’ things – all the things the ‘gurus’ in the books and online are telling you should be doing – but you are still not attracting the right / the right number of customers.

And you do not know how to get the people you want to buy from you.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will work with you to get under the skin of your target customers and to understand the benefits your products and services bring to them – which makes selling so much easier.

5. Your hours spent in your business can sometimes feel like a chore

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself

“Is this worth it? Wouldn’t it be better if I just went off and got a job?”

When your business is not running like a well-oiled machine; when it is not bringing in the customers, the £££ or the personal satisfaction you need, then it can seem like just hard work with no reward.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will help you really harness the Business in your business so it becomes less of a chore and more the rewarding experience it should be – both emotionally and financially.

6. You hardly ever look at the clock

Is that a bad thing? Doesn’t it mean that you are engrossed in doing something you love?

Well, yes and no.

If you are not looking at the clock it can mean that you are not fully aware of how long tasks, activities and appointments are taking you or your team. So, what is the problem with that?

Firstly, it could mean too much time is being spent on one thing, rather than another (maybe working on the wrong thing!?).

Secondly, and really importantly, it could mean you are underestimating the time it takes to complete tasks – which could mean you are not pricing and charging your products and services properly.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will enable you to be specific about the realities of time in your business and will work with you to develop a product and pricing strategy that is based on actual time and resource, rather than guesswork.

7. You do not research, plan and organise as it is not necessary, and a waste of time

A successful business is one that is constantly researching and planning; it remains focused on its goals, so its products and services are totally relevant to its customers.

You know this is true, but you just do not have the time.

The Impact? A Business Mentor will show you how to use time effectively in your business and will provide tools and strategies that make researching and planning part of what you do – rather than in addition to what you do.

8. You view success as personal fulfilment, but you would like some profit too!

Your business means more to you than just profit. Of course it does!

But you also know your business has to make money, otherwise it is nothing more than an expensive hobby.

The Impact? A Business Mentor works with you to create a profit-making structure in your business, without removing the essence of what success means to you.

9. You do not want to have to work every hour of every week; you want time to enjoy all the things you are working so hard for

You may want to spend fewer hours in, and on, the business; spend more time on your other interests and hobbies, spend quality time with your family.

But you cannot see how.


A Business Mentor is like a helicopter. They hover above your business, seeing it from the angles that, because you are so involved in it on a day-to-day basis, you cannot see.

Their job is to look at your business – warts and all – to help you enhance the positives and deal with the negatives.

They are invested in the success of your business as an advocate and guide, but they are an independent and objective advisor whose job is to help your business work for you, rather than against you.

To stop your business from being a burden that makes you work for it, and to bring back the love and joy, take a look at the Association of Business Mentors Find a Mentor page


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